Doing it Better Naturally!

Many people are aware of the dangers of chemicals but the real impact and life changing effect that chemicals have on people is not always apparent. This week we came in contact with a person whose life was being adversely impacted by exposure to chemicals.

This young guy, loves his job as a green keeper at a golf course in the Newcastle region, he loves the outdoors, the mateship and the physical nature of the job. Unfortunately for him, his regular medical checks had identified high levels of poison in his blood from exposure to the chemicals traditionally used in this profession. It was for this reason the guy was considering leaving the job that he loved for a safer sanctuary.

This young fellow was absolutely buzzing when he became aware that his golf course was taking on board the Ecoworkz range of naturally derived products, safer to use, non toxic and certainly not going to lead to a high poison count in the blood.

This is how we came to know about his story, the young green keeper has now put his plans to quit on hold, and continue in the profession he loves!

This is just another reason to Do it Better Naturally!…