We offer a handy guide under our Spot The Solution page; however, we are also committed to having one of our technical service representatives demonstrate our products to you in person. It’s our way of proving our claim of making the most work efficient and environmentally friendly product range in Australia.
Ecoworkz encapsulates the pioneering know-how of Australian business within the natural, eco-friendly, product solutions market. The product range utilises technology from past and present patents that is both highly innovative and high performing and includes a unique hospital grade disinfectant that has the added benefit of having organic insecticide activity.
We are proud to offer a high performing natural alternative to old-fashioned, dangerous and harmful poisons and chemicals that have dominated the market until now.
The Ecoworkz range of products are built upon 20 years of technology. Beginning with the invention and development of the very first product that was registered as an organic insecticide for the control of damaging pests and disease carrying insects, also for the control of harmful bacteria – we offer safer, healthier environmentally friendly maintenance and fertiliser alternatives which are high performing and cost effective.
We are strong advocates of “Doing it Better Naturally”. 


We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated.
We are committed to providing natural, environmentally sensitive, user-friendly alternatives to using harsh and caustic chemicals.

  • To manufacture safe naturally derived products for the environment to sustain natural ecosystems.
  • To manufacture and market a range of products to manage water usage and minimise nutrient and pathogen dispersion into the environment.
  • To replace organophosphate insecticides with natural alternatives.
  • To manufacture high performing products that are user-friendly and to assist and promote health and safety in the workplace.
  • To produce labour saving products