Ecoworkz Hospitality Products are concentrates which are safe to the environment and the workplace.

They are completely biodegradable being manufactured from natural and renewable resources derived from
patented technology.

Our Hospitality and Hygiene Product range:

NAMA CARE is a natural hospital grade germicidal that kills bacteria on contact and helps control algae and mildew. It also has a unique repellency effect on disease carrying insects.

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NAMA CLEAN emulsifies and holds oils, grease and dirt in suspension for easy removal. Excellent for cleaning food preparation areas. Easily applied by mop, spray or through spraying apparatus.

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AQUA BRITE is a beer glass and dishwashing concentrate that is gentle on hands yet leaves glassware, utensils and crockery sanitised and streak free. It will not taint or flatten beer.

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NAMA SHIELD applied as a fine mist leaves a protective coating on all types of surfaces. Treated surfaces will resist staining, finger prints and water marks. Contains a natural sanitiser to protect surfaces against harmful bacteria.

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 is a fast acting product that will quickly loosen yeast and other line contaminants to ensure that product delivery is not obstructed by impurities.

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We run a well known and loved hotel in country NSW. Recently we had experienced some hygiene/sanitation issues in the kitchen area with grease and grime build up which threatened the business. Under instructions from the health inspector my staff went to work on the job with Nama Plus.
On the inspectors return we were complimented on the great job, and now are extremely proud of the pristine nature of our premises. Thank you Nama Plus and Brett for making this task a lot easier than I expected.
Belinda Jones, Young
The Nama Shield is like a magic potion for surfaces. I polish the furniture and counters, and not only do they look fantastic, they stay looking fantastic for longer, which means I save time and effort without compromising appearance and hygiene. I would not have thought that such high performing products could be naturally derived.
Geraldine Hansberry, Burraneer Bay
Nama Care is pretty magic, good hygiene, no more chemicals. It’s handy in surprisingly many ways. Such a versatile product, still discovering more applications. All natural, good for sensitive souls.
Koji Ryui, Redfern NSW