All products within the Fine Turf and Agricultural range utilise plant extracts, natural nutrients and mineral components from the earth and ocean to produce ecologically sensitive, non-toxic alternatives for a wide scope of applications.

Ecoworkz Fine Turf and Agriculture’s exciting new product range allows the complete sustainable management of golf, bowling and sporting facilities, as well as broad acre and small crop application.


Our Fine Turf and Agricultural Products include:



AQUA-PLAS is an organic liquid fertiliser which consists of a concentrated blend of organic nutrients and wetters boosted with added microbes for fine turf, horticulture, small crop and broad acre applications.

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AQUA FERT is a liquid organic fertiliser blend for fairways, sporting ovals and vegetable production. Specifically designed to allow boom spray or direct injection into irrigation for overhead or drip feed application.

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AQUA WETT is a liquid wetting agent designed to improve soil water holding capacity, reduce compaction and eliminate dew and run off.

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AQUA MAX is a wetter concentrate for hydrophobic soils. It will increase water retention capacity, reduce water usage and prevent run-off.

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NT2000 Product Sheet



NT2000 is formulated using a unique fermenting process of plant extracts and components that promote healthier plant growth and assist in repelling sucking insects such as nematodes which cause root growth degradation.

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NFS is a liquid organic plant protectant that contains natural agents that remove the source and changes the conditions in which fungi and disease develop.

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Eco Ammend Z Product Sheet



ECO AMMEND Z is a finely granulated renovation mix, that is a blend of organic nutrient for use in the construction, renovation and repairs of tees and greens to promote long lasting water and nutrient retention.

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Eco Fert Product Sheet



ECO FERT GRANULATED ORGANIC FERTILISER fairway blend is an organic, slow release, granulated fertiliser for use on fairways and ovals with the added unique advantage of being pathogen and offensive odour free.

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Eco Supreme Product Sheet



ECO SUPREME is a specially manufactured green and tee booster, it is a blend of organic materials derived from animal manure, plant, fish and crustacean extracts that produces a superior slow release fertilizing program.

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Eco Plas Product Sheet



ECO-PLAS SLOW RELEASE is a turf and soil conditioner that blends natural and organic ingredients into a spreadable, free flowing, pathogen and offensive odour free fertiliser.

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AQUA FLUSH is a concentrated organic tank wash formulation that will clean tanks of residue and build-up. Biodegradable. Safe to use. Environmentally friendly. No harmful fumes.

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SUPER’S CHOICE SANITISER is a natural, effective sanitising agent to control cross infection in wash/crib rooms. Phosphate free. Ideal for use on mowers and implements to eliminate the transfer of disease. Safe for the user and the environment.

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SUPER’S CHOICE CLEANER is a powerful natural mower and equipment cleaner and degreaser that emulsifies oil and grease, removes soil and organic build-up on machinery, oil and grease on workshop floors and equipment. Biodegradable. No harmful fumes. Non flammable. Environmentally and user friendly.

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SUPER’S CHOICE BALL WASHING ADDITIVE is a natural, biodegradable additive for golf ball washing stations. No harmful fumes, pH neutral, non-toxic and safe for the environment.

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SUPER’S CHOICE HAND WASH is powerful yet gentle liquid lanolin hand wash and sanitiser that does not contain harsh chemicals.

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We had been using your Ecoworkz products over a five year period. For us the benefits have been;
* The Elimination of Fairy Ring and Dry Patch.
* 100% control of Mole Cricket.
* Virtually no Cutworm or Armyworm problems.
* Positive control of Black Beetle Larvae.
Doug Robinson, Golf Course Superintendent
I find the Ecoworkz products very successful. The organic components I find essential. The Ammend Z is beneficial to the friability and moisture containment during dry periods. The plants and fruit trees’ response to the liquid fertiliser in my garden was extremely pleasing.
Helen Brown, Cremorne